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“Growth comes from activity, not from intellectual understanding.”
Dr. Maria Montessori



The Montessori Method stems from revolutionary works of Dr. Maria Montessori:
Dr. Montessori recognized a philosophy of peace between different subject areas that must be woven together in order to be spontaneously understood by the child and optimize the child’s ability to learn. The first and main criteria is delivering a montessori -type education. The other two criterias that are crucial to this type of education for children are learning in a well-prepared environment, and placing alot of focus on their natural gifts of learning (the absorbent mind and sensitive periods). The prepared environment is divided for three different age groups and that is why Montessori education is typically administered in 3-year cycles. Lastly, by not overwhelming the child with facts from the average pre-selected course of study, but rather cultivating the child's own natural desire to learn, Montessori education allows for individual growth and preparing the child in becoming an autonomous individual as time progresses. The most significant reason for its success since Dr. Montessori’s work with impoverished children in Rome, Italy in the early twentieth century is that it is a comprehensive method of education resulting from an integration of thorough research on: development, learning, curriculum, and teaching.

One of Dr. Montessori’s greatest discoveries was that children like to work as much as they enjoy play. In fact, children have a natural motivation to work in order to develop. We very much value this discovery and incorporate this view of Dr. Maria Montessori at TBMS by ensuring that our Montessori curriculum is delivered likewise. Our educators only help the child with the great work that they are able to accomplish on their own. Hence, educators serve to guide, rather than dictating a pre-selected course of study. Our Montessori program is also different than other programs based on the following:
• Individuals are taught according to their own abilities rather than in groups.
• Children learn through practicing tasks versus listening and remembering.
• TBMS offers a bilingual program in both French and English – a second-language strengthens first language skills in all areas, as well as creative-thinking skills.
• The Montessori curriculum is broader & more encompassing than other programs.
• Our program is systematic and sequenced to develop autonomy and responsibility based on principles of development, as performed by Dr. Montessori.
• The organization of tools in the classroom is set as an environment to allow children easy access to a variety of learning experiences.
• The materials in the classroom are carefully selected based on thorough research to fit the developmental needs and characteristics of children.
• There is a strong emphasis to adhere self-discipline methods to be respectful to one self and others, while maintaining the principle to have a freedom of choice.
• Montessori staff and teachers are well trained to teach, respect and apply positive values so that the child can construct themselves positively in their adult life.

The Toddler Curriculum at Toronto Bilingual Montessori School intertwines a rich range of subjects for the child to enhance both fine and gross motor skills, by developing their physical and cognitive abilities. This range of subjects includes the following:
• Language
• Mathematics
• French
• Practical Life
• Sensorial Learning
• Culture– History & Geography
• Physical Education
• Art, Music & Drama
• Library

“When dealing with children there is greater need for observing than of probing”
Dr. Maria Montessori